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Power Calculator

A power calculator aids to identify the mechanical power of a device. It can also determine the amount of work a machine can do with the available power in a stipulated time period.

The unique online power calculator provides you with a platform that assists in identifying the power required for a given work and time. Power is a numerical value that always depends on the amount of work done. Power calculation can be done with an online power calculator tool. It can be calculated manually, but that could contain errors too.

What is Meant by Power?

The term ‘power’ refers to the amount of work done in a particular time period. The higher the power, the more work can be done in a given time period. Power is measured in watts (W).

What is the Power Calculation Formula?

P = E/t


P refers to power

E is energy

andt indicates time in seconds.

This formula indicates that power is the energy consumption per unit of time.

In the SI unit, the unit of work is written in joule (J), that is kg·m²/s² in SI units. Another unit of work is also mentioned is kilowatt (kWh).

Watt is the unit of power i.e the number of joules of work done in an allotted time, which is estimated per second.

How to Use Work and Time to Calculate Power?

Likewise, you can also calculate power with the following steps shown below:


Calculate the power required to do a work of 2000 J in 45 seconds of time.


Step 1: Identify and write the values.

  • Work (W) = 2000 J
  • Time (T) = 45 seconds

Step 2: Apply the formula values.

  • Power = Work/Time (P = W/T)
  • P = 2000/45
  • P = 44.4 W
  • Power (P) = 44.4 Watts

How to Use the Power Calculator?

  1. As a user of our online power calculator tool, you can type in the work value only. You don’t have to mention ‘J’. For example, W = 2000 J, so type 2000 .
  2. Feed in the time that will be required to complete the work. Let us assume t = 45 s.
  3. In the result column type X.
  4. Power is work divided by time. In this example, P = 2000 J / 45 s = 44.4 W.
  5. Thereafter, click ‘calculate’ to get the output.

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