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I. How to Write a Day at the Beach Essay?

The beach is simply a wonderful place to be. The sound of the waves, the cool breeze on our faces, and the sensation of our feet breaking into the sand give us peace, relaxation, and freedom. Writing an essay on the topic can be fascinating. Students can include the below points to write about their experience of their trip to a beach.

   a.Write the Beach Name and Its Location.

Start your essay by mentioning the beach name and location of the beach. Include details like how you went to the beach and whether you took a bus, train, or cab. You might also mention the distance and time it took you to go to the beach from your place.

    b.Mention the Time You Went to the Beach.

After mentioning the beach name and the location of the beach, you can write about the time you visited the beach. It can be either wintertime, summertime, springtime, or monsoon time.

  c.Write About the Things You Observe at the Beach.

Include the things you noticed on the beach, such as the people enjoying themselves with their families and friends at the beach, playing cricket, and volleyball, collecting shells, making sandcastles, sunbathing, and fishermen capturing fish and other sea animals from the water body. You might also talk about how lovely it is to watch the sun rise and set on the beach.

  d.Mention the Things You Did There.

People do many fun activities on the beach. You can play outdoor games, ride a boat, swim in the seawater, catch fish, build sandcastles, collect shells, etc. The beach is the ideal location for stuffing your mouth with delicious seafood. There are many vendors available to feed the thirsty swimmer. There, you can purchase prawns, oysters, crabs, and lobsters. Also, you can find people who are selling fruits, ice creams, coconut water, etc. Write about the activities you did at the beach.

  e.Who Went with You to the Beach?

Mention the people who went to the beach with you. You might go to the beach with your family, or it is a school trip.

  f.Write What You Liked and Disliked About the Place You Visited.

Discuss the things you like the most about the beach. It can be the sand, the salty air, the sound of the waves, the big sky on the beach, swimming and surfing, sunrise and sunset, marine life, food, etc. If you want you can also mention your dislikes about the beach. Some people dislike extreme heat and sunburns. A few beaches are littered all the time, which is another reason why many don’t enjoy beaches.

Sample: Describe A Day at the Beach Essay

Last week my family and I spent a day at Marina Beach in Goa. I went there during my winter vacation. It was the best vacation of my life. Goa is far away from my place. So, we had to take a flight.

Before arriving at the beach, we purchased swimsuits from a nearby shop. My brother and I were very excited when we reached the beach. We both were eagerly waiting for this vacation. We saw everyone was having a wonderful time in the water.

There were other children playing with sea waves and making sandcastles with their parents. The beach was so crowded. People were playing volleyball, having seafood, catching fish, gathering seashells, etc.

My father and mother sat on the sand under a big coconut tree and clicked photos of my brother and me playing in the water. My brother and I had so much fun. We were splashing water on each other and enjoying the waves. We also made a sandcastle and collected seashells on the beach.

We all were feeling so hungry after coming out of the water. My father bought us seafood, fruits, and coconut water. We also saw the sunset in the evening. It appeared as though the sun was entering the ocean. We captured this moment on our camera.

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