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How to Write an Autobiography of a Tree?

Trees are one of the most important natural sources of life on earth. Most importantly, they give us oxygen, preserve air quality, conserve water, and give food and other materials to mankind.

A tree goes through various growth stages in its lifetime, from a young sapling to a huge adult tree. An autobiography of a tree in English can include how it was planted, how it became a tree, and how it helped mankind.

1. An Introduction

    Begin the essay as an autobiography of a tree. Imagine that you are the tree itself. Mention its birth and location, for instance, as a seed initially in a garden or in a jungle or elsewhere.

2. Describe the Tree Growth Stages

    You can mention in the form of a story how you were born as a seed, who watered you , how you grew into a big tree. Describe the growth and development of trees.

Growth Stages of a Tree


You could also write differently if you are writing as a wild tree. Maybe you were born in a jungle. How you were cut to be used for wood furniture.


You could also mention being in an orchard. How did you stay with various kinds of trees? Write about the owner, gardener and people who would come there to enjoy it.

3. Mention About Any Notable Incident

    Write about any notable incident or something that affected you.

4. Discuss How People or Animals Birds Treat the Tree

    Mention how you were treated by people or animals, or trees. You can write about your experience with each of them.

5. Conclusion

    Mention how you would like to lead the life of a tree in the future or what you would like to change.

Sample Essay on Autobiography of a Tree in 250 Words

I was born from a mango seed. I am a mango tree situated at the corner of a school ground. Today I am more than two decades old. I have been living among my small friends, the flowers and other small plants. On this ground, I am the tallest and the only tree on this side of the ground.

I have many branches with green leaves. I bear fruits that are very sweet and juicy.

The school gardener took great care of me during my childhood when I was a young sapling. He would water me daily. Slowly, I grew up into a huge tree. Sometimes the gardener or the housekeeping staff, or even the children, come here and pluck ripe and unripe mangoes.

Now I look after the gardener. When he is tired, he rests under me. I feel very happy when he takes home mangoes for his family. Children come to play and hide behind my trunk. They love my juicy mangoes. I felt happy to see them playing around me. I feel pain when they throw stones at me to get the mangoes. My fruit is popularly known as the king of fruits. It is sweet and delicious, with a slightly tangy taste.

During rains or storms, most of my fruits fall on the ground. Some even fall outside the compound. The locals take it as soon as the rain or storm subsides. They look thrilled. I feel happy when birds sit on my branches and chirp or eat my fruits and build nests to keep their little ones safe.

I have seen a few trees on the other side of the road being cut down. I felt sad seeing that. I know I will be axed like them.

I, too, have to be prepared for that though I wish to die a natural death. I pray to grant humans some good sense, let us live and make this earth a beautiful space to live.

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