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Sample for an Essay on Visit to a Village

One day while I was going to bed, I overheard my parents’ conversation. I could understand that they were planning a trip to our family friend's place, which is far away from the city. I went to sleep, thrilled about the trip. The next day, after I came back from school, my mom told me about this four-day trip to a village in Murshidabad with my friend Rohan and his family since they had a house in the village.

My parents packed the suitcase with clothes and other essentials. Mom also kept some homemade snacks. We left on Saturday early morning. Rohan and his family had come in that vehicle to pick us up. I could see the sunrise during the journey. It was a beautiful sight. The elders were chatting amongst themselves. Rohan and I were playing video games. Sometimes mom would interrupt to show the lovely view on both sides of the road.

We stopped aside at a roadside stall. We had breakfast; my parents had tea. That experience of having food in a simple stall was different and unique. By 11 am or so, we reached their village home. It was quiet, and there were a lot of trees. A beautiful house to stay in. Some people who knew Rohan’s father greeted all of us. We entered his home. While we were resting some people got us fresh coconut water. I loved to have the coconut flesh too.

We freshened up. A relative of theirs had prepared lunch for us. We sat all down on the floor and had lunch in sal leaf. I loved it. I could hear the moos of the cow, the clucking of the hens, and the bleat of goats. That night I was scared as the rooms were very dark. I held my mom tight and slept.

The next few days, we spent in the paddy fields and vegetable orchards. I used to love feeding the cows, hens, and goats. Often, I would hear various birds chirping in their unique voices. The village had a school and a health centre, as I did see on the way. I had many fruits like mangoes, jackfruit, and berries from their farm.

I was happy as there were a lot of places to play and roam around. I didn’t have to do any homework; I was amidst nature, enjoying everything. Monday night, we packed our bags to return. We were given many fruits and vegetables, too, by Rohan’s father. Tuesday morning, we left for the city. I was sad. However, it was a short yet refreshing trip to the village.

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