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Animal Patterns

In nature, we get different types of animals of the same pattern. They are all unique and different.

Some animals of nature in pattern:

1) What Is Dendrochronology?

The science that defines dating tree rings is known as Dendrochronology.

In the body of a tree, we get some rings in the same pattern; these rings are called tree rings. All the rings are in regular patterns. This ring represents one year or a complete cycle of seasons.

One ring represents one year, and it has two layers:

In Spring, early Summer, and early spring, the rings form in light colour because, at that time, the tree's growth is fast.


In late Summer, the layer forms a dark colour because, at that time, the tree's growth is slow.

A tree ring shows us the age of a tree and helps to find out the weather of climate in each year of the tree's life. The ancient tree allows scientists to discover many things about the environment that they can compare with modern trees.

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