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Comparing and Ordering Numbers

1) Sumi Gets Some Information From a Poster Given Below:

Which State Is Formed 1st According to the Poster?

Here, We know 1953 AD < 1956 AD.
So, according to the poster, the state of Andhra Pradesh was formed 1st.

2) Bijoy Reading About Civilization:

Bijoy Finds the Difference in Years Between the Indus Valley
Civilization and the Ancient Greek Civilization.

Tick on the Correct Option.

  1. 2300 BC
  2. 1200 BC
  3. 1300 BC
  4. 1000 BC

From the given table:

Indus Valley civilization starts in 3500 BC, and Ancient Greek civilization starts in 1200 BC.
So, the difference is = (3500 – 1200) BC
= 2300 BC
The correct option is [i] 2300 BC.

3) Rabi Wants to Celebrate His Birthday in a Leap Year Then What Are the Possible Years From the Table Given Below and Circle the Year?

Here the number 2022 is not divisible by 4.
So, 2022 CE is not a leap year.
2424 is divisible by 4.
So, 2424 CE is a leap year.
2029 is not divisible by 4.
So, 2029 CE is not a leap year.
2040 is divisible by 4.
So, the year 2040 CE is a leap year.
So, the answer is:

4) Riya Gets Some Years From Her History Book These Are:
300 BC, 145 BC, 6545 BC, 6534 BC.
She represents the Years in Ascending Order.
What Is the Representation of Years?

As all know, years with larger value BC happened before years with
smaller value years BC.
So, the largest is 145 BC
And the smallest is 6534BC.

The required order is:
6545 BC, 6534 BC, 300 BC, 145 BC.

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