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Fraction Question for Class 4

1) Pick the Correct Fraction Represented by the Shaded Part of the Given Shape.

  1. 1/4   
  2. 1/2
  3. 1/6
  4. 1/3

The correct option is option 2) 1/2

2) Find the Answer to the Given Question and Write the Phases of the Moon Represented by the Answer:

The answer is

And the phase name is New Moon.

3) Read the Question and Put the Proper Number in Fraction Form in the Blank Space:



The answer is = 1/2

4) Write the Given Picture of the Moon in the Quarter Form:

The answer is = 2 Quarters.

5) Write the Correct Phases in Blank Space:

____________ + _____________ = New Moon.


The answer is:

Third Quarter Moon + First Quarter Moon = New Moon



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