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How Are Rainbows Formed?

A rainbow is formed in the sky soon after rain. In the rainy season, we see a rainbow. A rainbow is an arc which has multicolours. ‘Arc’ means a part of the circle.

We can see a semicircle rainbow on the ground, but if we look at it from an aeroplane, we can see it in a complete circle.

In the rainy season, water drops break the Sun’s light into seven colours, and that’s why we see the rainbow in the sky when the rain and the Sun co-occur.

What Colours Are in the Rainbow?

There are total of 7 colours in a rainbow. The sequence/order of the colours is always the same as the following –

Order of Colours in the Rainbow (Top to bottom)

No. Colour Name Colour
1st Red  
2nd Orange  
3rd Yellow  
4th Green  
5th Blue  
6th Indigo  
7th Violet  

Whenever it’s raining, look out for the beautiful rainbow!!!

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