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Indian National Calendar or Hindu Calendar

The national calendar of India is based on the Saka calendar. It is based on Saka era. It is commonly known as ‘Saka Samvat’ or ‘Shalivahana Saka’. The Saka calendar is the historic Hindu calendar.

Gregorian Calendar

The Indian national calendar is the Solar calendar. It is used with the Gregorian calendar. In 1957 it was officially recognized as the National Calendar of India.

The Gregorian calendar has 12 months like January, February, … and December. Similarly, there are 12 months in the National calendar also. The first six months have 31 days each and the second six months have 30 days each. According to the Indian national calendar, Chaitra is the first month. Many festivals in India are celebrated according to this calendar. See the 12 months and number of days in each month of the Solar Calendar below:

Indian National Calendar consists of 365 days and 12 months. The first month of the National calendar always starts on the 21 st of March according to the Gregorian calendar. And if we subtract 78 from the current Gregorian year, we get the year of the Saka Calendar.

The Month of the National Indian Calendar:

Months name of the Indian National Calendar Days of the months Gregorian Months
Chaitra चैत्र 31 March 21 - April 20
Vaishakha वैशाख 31 April 21 - May 21
Jyeshtha ज्येष्ठ 31 May 22 - June 21
Ashadha आषाढ 31 June 22 - July 21
Shravana श्रावण 31 July 23 - August 22
Bhadra भाद्रपद 31 August 23 - September 22
Ashwin आश्विन 30 September 23 - October 22
Kartika कार्तिक 30 October 23 - November 21
Agrahayana अग्रहायण 30 November 22 - December 21
Pausha पौष 30 December 22 - January 20
Magha माघ 30 January 21 - February 19
Phalguna फाल्गुन 30 February 20 - March 20/21

Days of the Week

Indian National Calendar Saka calendar
Sunday Ravivara
Monday Somvara
Tuesday Mangalavara
Wednesday Budhavara
Thursday Brahaspativara
Friday Shukravara
Saturday Shanivara
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