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Map Question

1) Puja Shows the Position of Continents in a Globe and Uses the Compass to Locate the Position of the Seven Continents on the Globe, Then Find the Answer to the Following Question:

  1. Asia Is in______________ Direction of Africa.
  2. Europe Is in___________________ Direction of North America.
  3. Africa Is in_______________ Direction of Australia.
  4. South America Is in_____________ Direction of Africa.
  5. Find the Correct Direction.
    Africa Is in ___________
  1. South of Antarctica
  2. North of Antarctica
  3. South Asia
  4. North of Asia.
  1. Asia is in the North-East direction of Africa.
  2. Europe is in the East direction of North America.
  3. Africa is in the North-West direction of Australia.
  4. South America is in the South-West direction of Africa.
  5. From the globe, we have Africa in the North of Antarctica.

The correct option is option ii) North of Antarctica.

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