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Measurements of Ingredients

Cooking is the process of making food ready to eat. By adding or mixing some ingredients, we can make a tasty recipe. Each recipe has a list of some ingredients and steps explaining how to make that recipe.

Measuring the amount of each ingredient is crucial to make a tasty recipe. We can measure the components by using Measuring cups and spoons. There are various types of measuring cups and spoons available for cooking.

Measuring Cups

There are two types of measuring cups.

     1. Dry measuring cup-Used to measure many ingredients like flour, sugar, etc. Used to measure many ingredients like flour, sugar, etc.

      2. Liquid measuring cups– Used to measure liquid (wet) ingredients like water, milk, oil, etc. Measurement of each cup is given on it.

Measuring Spoons

There are different types of measuring spoons:

     1. Teaspoon – Teaspoon measures ingredients required in small amounts like sugar, salt, baking powder, etc. Sometimes, a teaspoon is used for eating food or eating ice cream.            A teaspoon is written as – tsp

     2. Tablespoon– Tablespoon is a little bigger than the teaspoon. It is used to add spices, sugar, flour, etc.

          1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoon
           A tablespoon is written as – tbsp


    3. Scoop– It is round shape spoon mainly used to serve ice cream.


Try to make a milkshake for yourself. In this recipe, we used the above measuring cups and spoons.

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