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Prime Meridian Longitude

This implies that in 1 hour, it covers the 360°/24= 15° longitude.

The lines of longitude run between 180° W to 180° E.

As one moves:

  • To the west (left) of the Prime meridian, the time is reduced from GWT.
  • To the east (right) of the Prime meridian, the time is increased from GWT.


Suppose the Time in Greenwich Is 1:00 PM. What Will Be the Time in the Place With a Longitude of 30°W?


We know that,
15° longitude = 1 hour
Therefore, 30°(15 × 2) longitude = 2 (1 × 2) hours
This implies that at 30°W, the time will be 2 hours less than the time in Greenwich.
Therefore, the correct answer is 11:00 am.

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