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2-Dimensional Shapes

2-Dimensional Shapes for Class 3 Math

This learning concept will help the students to recall the 2-dimensional shapes of geometry. Also, the students will get to know about open and closed figures.
In this learning concept, students will learn to

  • Identify the open figure and closed figure
  • Classify circle, square, triangle, rectangle
  • Define triangle, circle, square, rectangle

The learning concept is explained to class 3 students with examples, illustrations, and a concept map. At the end of the page, two printable worksheets for class 3 with solutions are attached for the students.

Download the worksheets of 2-dimensional shapes and solutions to assess our knowledge of the concept.


What Is a Two-Dimensional Shape?

In geometry, 2-D shapes are completely flat and have only two dimensions – length and width. They do not have any thickness and can be measured only by the two dimensions. There are different types of 2-D shapes, which are open figures and closed figures.

Open and Closed Figures

Open Figure:

Open figures do not begin and end at the same point.

Closed Figure

Closed figures begin and end and the same point.

In our surroundings, we could see some different types of closed figures commonly. Here we discuss some of these closed figures.

These are triangles, squares, rectangles and circles.


What Is Triangle?

A triangle is a 2D shape with three sides and three corners.

Traffic signs, pizza, sandwiches etc are in the shape of a triangle.


What Is Rectangle?

A rectangle is a 2D shape with four sides and four corners.

A blackboard, door, brick etc are in the shape of a rectangle.


What Is Square?

A square is a 2-D shape with four sides and four corners. All sides of squares are equal.

The chessboard, bread etc are in the shape of a square.


What Is Circle?

A circle is a closed 2-D shape made up of a curved line with no sides and no corners. A circle has various parts like centre, radius, diameter, circumference, and so on.

In real life coins, plates, pizza, etc. are examples of the circle.



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