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Animal Adaptations

1) Some Birds Always Follow the Animals Moving Through the Grass. Why Do They Do That?

  • Birds feed on insects hidden in the grass and stuck to the body of animals.
  • The movement of animals in grass disturbs grass, due to which insects come out and are easily preyed on by birds.

2) Why Do Only Female Mosquitos Suck the Blood and Not Male Mosquitos?

  • Female mosquitoes need nutrients for the process of laying eggs.
  • They derive these required nutrients from the blood of animals.

3) Why Do Earthworms Go Deep Into the Soil?

  • Earthworms feed on the dead and decaying remains of plants and animals and breathe through their skin.
  • Living in deep soil layers allows them to maintain humid surroundings around them, enabling them to survive, which is not possible above the soil.

4) How Have Camels Adapted to Living in the Desert?

Camels have the following adaptations which enable them to survive without water and food for long durations:

  • The storage of fat in the hump. This fat is burned gradually as required by the body to meet the energy and water demands.
  • Less urination helps in decreasing the loss of water from the body.
  • The rate of perspiration is very low.
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