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I. How to Describe Your Mother?

You can begin writing an essay about your mother by mentioning her name. Mention if she is a homemaker or a working professional. You can indicate her unique qualities and write your thoughts about her.

1) Talk About the Activities Done by Your Mother
As you continue to write the essay about your mother, the next thing you can mention is the activities that she does at home. Mention her morning routine, like when she wakes up and what she does after that. You can also mention how she helps you with getting ready for school. Many of our mothers help us in our studies and cook healthy and delicious food at home. If she also helps you with your studies and makes food for you, then mention that too.

2) What does Your Mother Likes?
Write about the things that she likes. It can be things like her favourite colour, TV shows that she regularly watches, her favourite movie, her favourite actor and actresses, the food she loves to cook, books or magazines, her favourite food, music, etc.

3) Tell us How You Both Spend Time Together
Some of our mothers might be working, but no matter how busy they are, they always make sure to spend time with their families. Write about how you spend time with her. Mention the things that you love to do with her. You can write about how she helps you in your studies, makes a tiffin for you, etc. If both of you have cooked any dish together, mention it.

4) Sample Essay Topic: My Mother

My mother’s name is Seema Sen. She is a doctor and a very hard-working person. She takes care of all the household work, helps us with our studies, concentrates on her job and takes care of our health too.
She gets up early in the morning, around 6 am and makes breakfast and lunch for everyone in the house. She also prepares our tiffin and packs them. My mother enjoys cooking, and she makes very healthy as well as tasty food. She makes sure we eat our meals on time. Sometimes I join my mother in the kitchen and make sandwiches. She also helps me with getting ready for school. Once everyone is done with their breakfast, she gets ready and goes to the clinic.
My mother helps me with my studies. She is major part of the family. She is a very helpful and a kind woman. She has always taught us to help the poor and needy. She speaks to everyone politely. She also teaches me to share food with my friends at school.
Another interesting fact about her is that she sings very well. My mother loves to watch television and read books in her free time. Her favourite colour is pink, and she loves eating pineapples. My mother is the best!

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