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How to Write a Visit to a Railway Station Essay?

You can begin the essay by explaining the purpose of the visit to the railway station. You can speak about your relatives’ visit to your hometown by train. Let us have a look at the points to be covered while you describe a scene at the railway station essay for class 4.

1. How Did You Go?

    Mention how you went to the railway station. State the name of the station, its location, and how far it is from your home.

2. Who All Went with You?

    Mention the family members with whom you visited the railway station.

3. Why Did You Go to the Railway Station?

    Mention the purpose of the trip. It could be to receive your relatives or family friends who have come to visit your home town. It could also be to see off your extended family members who have visited you            during a vacation. It could also be to travel to any tourist place.

4. A Scene at a Railway Station

    Mention what you saw at the railway station. You can write about train arrivals and departures. You can also describe the ticket counter, how people are rushing to catch trains, and how porters help                      passengers carry heavy luggage. Also, mention the hawkers you see selling various items.

5. What Did You Do There?

    Describe the activities you did there. Give little details on how you waited for the arrival of family relatives. Mention buying platform tickets. If you are travelling to another location with your family, then                  describe the process of boarding the train.

Sample: Visit to a Railway Station Essay in English

Introductory Paragraph

A railway station is an interesting place. I recently visited a railway station. My mother and I went there to receive my aunt, who was arriving in Mumbai from Bangalore. We arrived at the Mumbai Central Railway Station half an hour before time. We entered the station after purchasing two platform tickets.

Main Body

I saw a lot of people who were busy with other activities. Many people were waiting in a long queue patiently for the train tickets. Some were waiting for local trains, and some were in the queue for last-minute reservations for their journey.

The station was noisy. The departure and arrival times of various trains were announced. Besides, we came to know that the train would be an hour late. However, we had no other choice but to wait at the station. We sat on the nearby wooden bench. I observed hawkers selling fruits, soft drinks, and snacks. There was a bookstall that had magazines, novels, storybooks, and newspapers. There were porters in red uniforms carrying luggage on their heads from one platform to the other. They were bargaining for more fares from customers. Some passengers were rushing with baggage from one platform to another.

Main body paragraph 2

The station was a junction for both local and mail express halts so that passengers could board. I saw local trains where people eagerly waited for the train and rushed in before the train stopped. The train was so crowded, but still, many were hanging on the door. This caused congestion and frustration, and everyone started shouting. I saw two ticket checkers on the platform in white uniforms checking for tickets. They caught hold of some miscreants who were travelling without tickets.

Concluding Paragraph

Suddenly, there was an announcement of the arrival of the train, on which my aunt had arrived. Finally, we met her and started to leave the station, heading toward home. It was a unique experience altogether.
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