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I. How to Write My Favourite Season Essay?

From all the seasons during the year, you may always have a preferred season. When you begin the paragraph on my favourite season,
you can write about all the seasons and their importance for crops and animals.

  1. Which is Your Favourite Season?
    • Mention your favourite season
    • The duration of the season.
  2. Why Do You Prefer This Season?

Mention why a particular season is your favourite. Write about the climate. Detail the activities you do during your favourite season.
Refer to the seasonal items you get to see or taste during that period. Mention if there is any change in the kind of clothes you wear during that time.
Point out any delicacies that you and your family enjoy during that particular season.

  1. The Appearance of Your Surrounding

Write about the changes you see around and the look you keep during the season. You can mention the changes you see in the shops or markets also.
The fruits and vegetables available change from season to season. You can write about seasonal fruits. For instance, mangoes are only seen in Summer & strawberries are found in May.

  1. Fun Activities That You Do During Your Favourite Season
    Give details on any fun activities or games you play with family or friends during your favourite season.
  2. Anything You Dislike About Your Favourite Season
    Though you will write about your favourite season, there could be something that you don’t like. You can mention the same.
  3. Sample Essay on My Favourite Season Essay for Class 3

India is a big country, and it experiences various climate changes throughout the year. Depending on the geographic location, latitude, longitude and altitude, each region of the country experiences different temperatures and other climatic changes. Primarily, there are six seasons in India. They are Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Pre-winter and Winter.

Out of these seasons, my favourite one is the winter season. The winter season in Kolkata starts in December and goes on till January. Early mornings and nights are foggy. During winter, I see most of the trees have no leaves.


We have a month-long winter vacation. I love to sleep under the cosy, warm blankets in winter. During the winter I love to play as the climate is very comfortable, and I don’t get tired as in the summers. I also play in the afternoons during winter. During weekends my family and I go to the terrace post lunch and spend time reading, playing and basking in the sun.

In fact, the winter season is the time for picnics. I go for picnics or short trips along with family and friends

I love to go to the vegetable market during the winter. During winters at home, we often have green peas stuffed with pooris and stuffed parathas with pickles.

Another must-have item in my house during this season is the palm jaggery. We have palm jaggery sweets like Sandesh and rosogollas. We also have liquid palm jaggery with hot rotis and bread. I get to see unique winter delicacies like Pithe, cauliflower stuffed samosa, and chikki too.

I love the Christmas and New Year vibes, and no place better than Park Street, Kolkata, to experience the same. We visit before and during Christmas Eve. We buy plum cakes, homemade chocolates and cookies from the iconic and one of the oldest bakeries of Kolkata, Nahoum’s Bakery.

Just before the schools close for winter vacations, the Annual sports are conducted. Since it is winter, I enjoy practising sports too. We would usually start practising sports two weeks before. There would be one period allotted for practice, and I enjoyed that the most.

The only thing I don’t like about winter is catching a cold and fever. Though I wear woollen clothes and keep myself covered, I still do catch a cold. During that time, I feed on warm liquids and soups mostly.

I enjoy winter, and it is surely one of my favourite times.

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