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I. How to Write on the Topic My Brother Essay?

Relationships between siblings are considered extremely significant. Whether younger or older, having a brother feels wonderful. A brother is someone who looks out for his siblings, cares for them, and inspires and encourages them throughout his life. It is a blessing to have a brother, and we feel grateful to have them in our life. While writing an essay on this topic, children might find it difficult to put their feelings in words. Students can use the below-mentioned points that will help them to write the ‘my brother’ essay.

1. Give a Small Introduction to the Topic ‘My Brother Essay’

2. Write a Paragraph on My Brother’s Personality
Describe how your brother behaves with you or your elders. You can also talk about the things that make your brother happy, angry, sad, or excited. Write about his nature and how he deals with problems when they arise.

3. Write Why You Love Your Brother:
Our brothers are very dear to us. They always encourage us, but they also correct us if we make any mistakes and guide us. No matter what dreams we have, they never make fun of us but rather walk beside us. There can be many reasons for loving your brother so much. Think about the reasons why you love your brother and write them down in your essay.

4. Talk about How You and Your Brother Spend Time with Each Other
There are plenty of fun things to do with your brother and spend quality time with him. Mention the activities you two enjoy doing together, such as watching movies, playing games inside or outside, gardening, etc.


Sample Topic My Brother Essay in English

I have an elder brother. His name is Suvam. He is 4 years older than me. He is very energetic and sometimes very naughty. Despite the fact that he keeps teasing me by stealing my toys, he is my best friend. We both attend the same school and play with each once we get home from school.

My brother is a very bright student and always gets good marks in every subject. Suvam is very kind, and everyone adores him. He always shares his food with me, even if it is his favourite food. We both love to play cricket and football. On weekends, Suvam, our father, and I go to the park near our home and play cricket or football. He also loves to help grandpa in the garden. He shares every little detail of his life with me, and I also feel very comfortable discussing my studies, exam, friends, teachers, etc.

I love my brother so much, but sometimes we get into fights. But after every argument, we always apologize to each other and become best friends again. Suvam is my favourite person in the world, and I wish God always brings joy to his life.

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