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About Cricket

Cricket comes first in the list of most favourite outdoor games among children. It is played between two teams, each of 11 players. The teams decide their chances of bat or ball by tossing a coin.

n each Team, out of 11 players, there is 1 Captain.

Bowling Rules

The bowling team’s all 11 players on the field. The team captain chooses a bowler from his Team, and other players do fielding. One of the fielders is a wicketkeeper who stands behind the stump to catch the ball if the batsman misses the ball. Each bowler gets 1 over for bowling. Each over has 6 balls. The same bowler cannot bowl two overs one after the other. The bowler is trying to hit the wicket, and the fielders are trying to stop the batting team from making runs.

Rules for Batting in Cricket

The batting team’s 2 players play on the field, one at each end of the pitch. The rest of the batting team is off-field. These 2 players try to make the runs by hitting the bowl and running. If a batsman hits the ball out of the boundary over to the field, they get 6 runs. If the ball rolls or bounces out of the boundary, they get 4 runs. After hitting the ball, both two batsmen need to run from their stump to another stump. It will help to make runs. If any bowling team player hits the wicket before the batsman reaches the stump line or the batsman catches the ball hit by the batsman, then that batsman is out, and another player from the batting team comes to the field to take a batting turn. The batting turn is completed when 10 out of 11 players are out, or the number of overs is completed.

After completing both the batting and bowling turns of each Team, the Team who scores the most runs wins the match.

Types of cricket matches

  • Test matches – played over 5 days – each day 90 over.
  • One-day internationals (ODI)– played 50 overs.
  • T20 – played 20 overs.
  • Limited over crickets – The number of overs is determined.
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