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Bar Graphs

  • Bar graph is the graphical representation of the set of data.
  • It is rectangular bar of equal width and the height of the bar is proportional to the value of data they represent.
  • It has two lines, one horizontal line and one vertical line.
  • The horizontal line represents the data type or the data categories.
  • The vertical line represents the data value.

The graph below shows a bar graph of the number of food items that were sold in the shop.


Properties of Bar graphs

  • All the bar must be equally spaced.
  • The height of the bar represents the data value.
  • The bar graphs must have a title, labels and scales.
  • The data value must always start with 0.

Types of Bar graphs

  • Horizontal bar graph
  • Vertical bar graph

Horizontal Bar Graphs

  • The data are arranged horizontally.
  • In this graph the data type is in the vertical line and the data value is in the horizontal line.
  • The bar runs from left to right.

Vertical Bar graphs

  • The data are arranged vertically.
  • In this graph the data type is in the horizontal line and the data value is in the vertical line.
  • The bar runs from down to up.

Steps to draw Vertical Bar graphs


Interpret the Bar Graphs

  • The title of the bar graph tells us what the data is about.
  • The horizontal lines and the vertical lines represent the data type and the data value respectively.
  • The horizontal bar graph below shows the graph of the favorite fruits of the group of students.

From the graph it can be visualized that:

  • The bar representing the mango is the longest bar.

Therefore, most of the students like Mango.

  • The representing the orange is the shortest bar. Therefore, the least liked fruit is Orange.
  • The scale of the graph is: 1 unit = 5 students.
  • 10 students liked Apple.
  • 20 students liked Mango.
  • 5 students liked Orange.
  • 15 students like Banana.


Given below is the data of the number of students with their pets.

Pets Number of Students
Parrot 12
Dog 24
Rabbit 10
Cats 25

Draw a vertical bar that represents the given information and answer the following question:

  1. Which pet is kept by the maximum number of students?
  2. Which pet is kept by least number of students?


The vertical bar graph is:

  1. The graph shows that the maximum number of students liked cats.
  2. The graph shows that the minimum students liked rabbits.
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