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Kolam Patterns

Some patterns of shapes repeatedly come when drawing Kolam.

  • Pattern in which a stroke runs around and returns to the starting point.
  • Pattern which runs around each dot incompletely and opens.
  • Pattern in which strokes are connected between the dots. Primarily they represent flowers or animals.
  • Another pattern in which dots are set in a manner that they look like a lotus.
  • These patterns are drawn in freestyle.

Pattern Question for Class 3

1) Sonam Has Got to Know From School That Kolam Drawing Is a Vanishing Tradition. So, She Asked Her Mother to Train Her in Drawing Kolam. Her Mother Has Drawn the Below Design and Asked Her to Copy That.

Sonam Has Drawn the Below Design.

Has She Copied the Design Correctly? If Not, Then What Has She Missed? Draw the Design Correctly.


Comparing both the pictures, it is clear that Sonam has not drawn the picture correctly because the heart symbol is repeated on both sides of the line. The upper side and lower side. So, the pattern needed to be maintained perfectly.

The correct picture is

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