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Measuring of Lengths

Measuring of Length for Class 2 Maths

Here students will get the concept of measuring the length of different objects. They will learn to measure the length for class 2 maths by using the non-standard unit.

Students will get a clear concept about:

  • non-standard unit of measuring length
  • standard unit of length
  • measuring length using the non-standard unit of length

Each concept is explained to class 2 maths students using illustrations, examples, misconceptions, and mind maps. They can assess their learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the pages’ end.
Download the measuring of length worksheet for class 2 and check the solutions for the concept measuring of length provided in PDF format.


Measuring Lengths Using Non-Standard Units

Length: Length can be defined as how long an object is from one end to the other.

We can measure length using:

  1. Non-standard units of length
  2. Standard units of length

Here we will learn about non-standard units.


Non-Standard Units of Measurement

  • Non-standard units are not typically used for measurements.
  • It has no fixed margins.
  • These units can vary from person to person or depend upon the shape and size of the object used for taking measurements.

Example :

Two spoons of tea powder are required to make one cup of tea. But if we take bigger spoon it required only one spoon of tea powder.

So, here spoon is the non-standard unit to measure the tea ingredient.


Non-Standard Units of Length

  • There are two types of non-standard units of length-

1.Non-uniform units

Example :

  • Suppose two children measure the length of the table by their handspan.
  • Bob finds that the length of the table is 8 handspans.
  • Simmy finds that the length of the table is 11 handspans.
  • Both are getting a different measurement of the length of the table.
  • The objects that have different shape/size/length, for which we get different lengths of the same object are known as Non-uniform units.
  • Some examples of non-standard non-uniform units are – handspan, foot, fingers, arm, etc.


2.Uniform units

Example :

  • Suppose Bob and Simmy now measure the length of the table by sticks of the same length.
  • Both find that the length of the table is 6 sticks.
  • Both are getting the same measurements because they used objects of the same size.
  • Using the same object or same shape/size/length of objects for taking the measurement is known as Uniform units.
  • Some examples of non-standard uniform units are – paper clips, rulers, sticks, straws, etc.


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