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Mental Division Strategies

Mental math is a skill that helps students to do math in their heads without using paper and pencil.

  • Mental Math is useful in school and everyday life.
  • It also helps to do calculations faster.

In Division,

  • The number to be divided is called the dividend.
  • The number which divides the dividend is called the divisor.
  • The number which we get after multiplication is called the quotient.
G3_1_mental maths division_heading

We divide from left to right.

Example :

a) 84 ÷ 4

b) 168 ÷ 12


Hence, 84 ÷ 4 = 21

Hence, 168 ÷ 12 = 14

Here is a table of tricks for division.

G3_4_mental maths division_table
G3_5_mental maths division_table

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