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Near and Far

1) Answer the Following Questions.

  1. Which Is the Nearest Planet to the Sun?
    i) Earth ii) Mercury iii) Saturn iv) Uranus
  2.  Which Is the Farthest Planet From the Sun?
    i) Mars ii) Saturn iii) Neptune iv) Mercury
  3. How Many Planets Are There in Our Solar System?
    i) Neptune ii) Mars iii) Earth iv) Sun
  4. Which Are the Two Nearest Planets to the Earth?
    i) Uranus, Neptune ii) Saturn, Venus iii) Venus, Mars iv) Mercury, Jupiter
  5. Which is the following farthest planet from the Earth?
    i) Neptune ii) Mercury iii) Mars iv) Jupiter
  6. What Is the Shape of All the Planets?
    i) Square ii) Cube iii) Round iv) Triangle
  7. All Planets Revolve Around the Sun, Then Who Is the Centre of Our Solar System?
    i) Earth ii) Moon iii) Mars iv) Sun
  1. ii) Mercury
    Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun.
  2. iii) Neptune
    Neptune is the farthest planet from the Moon.
  3. i) 8
    There are 8 planets in our solar system.
  4. iv) Sun
    The biggest star in our galaxy is the Sun.
  5. iii) Venus, Mars
    The two nearest planets to the Earth are Venus and Mars.
  6. i) Neptune
    The farthest planet from the Earth is Neptune.
  7. iii) Round
    The shape of all the planets is round.
  8. iv) Sun
    The Sun is in the centre of our solar system.
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