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In math patterns, we see different types of patterns, for example, number patterns in maths, letter patterns, and object patterns.
In this learning concept, the students will also learn to:

  • Classify the types of patterns.
  • Define the pattern definition
  • Identify the pattern examples.

Each concept is explained to class 4 maths students using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. Students can assess their learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the page’s end.

Download the math patterns worksheet for class 4 and check the solutions to the math patterns questions for class 4 provided in PDF format.

Pattern Definition:

Observe the picture of the peacock.

pattern examples

It is observed that the feathers of the peacock have repeated design and colours which make them look beautiful. These repeated designs are called patterns.

We can observe different types of patterns in our daily life like in colours and shapes that repeat themselves in definite intervals.

Patterns Examples:

In mathematics, patterns are defined as the set of elements that are arranged in a repeated manner or sequence. Below are some pictures of patterns.

pattern examples

Types of Patterns

There are mainly three types of patterns:

  • Letter Patterns
  • Number Patterns
  • Shape/Object Patterns

Letter Patterns:

Letter patterns involve the sequence in a series of English alphabets. It generally shows the relation between letters.

Example: A C E F H

The above pattern shows that the consecutive letters of English alphabets are missing.

Number Patterns in Math:

Number patterns involve the particular sequence in a series of numbers. It generally shows the relation between all the numbers.

There can be different types of number patterns.

  • Increasing Patterns
  • Decreasing Patterns

Increasing Patterns involve the series in which numbers are arranged by adding or multiplying.

Example: 3 6 9 12

The pattern shows that the numbers are arranged in the multiples of 3.

Decreasing Patterns involves the series in which numbers are arranged by subtracting or dividing.

Example: 12 10 8 6

The pattern shows that the numbers are arranged by subtracting 2.

Shape/Object Patterns: It involves a group of shapes/objects that are repeated in sequence. The shapes can be geometrical shapes such as square, rectangle, circle, etc. or other objects such as flowers, moon, stars, etc.


pattern examples

Key Points:

  • Patterns can be of shapes, numbers, objects, colours, etc.
  • Learning patterns increase the observing capability.
  • Observing patterns push to think and identify the rule which continues throughout the pattern.
did you know about pattern

mind map of pattern
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