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Measurement Tall and Short Objects for Class 1 Math

The discussion below will help students build the concept of tall and short objects and inform them about misconceptions. Also, the students will be able to differentiate between tall and short.

From this learning concept, they will learn to identify the

  • Taller and shorter, among two or more objects
  • Tallest and shortest among two or more objects

Each concept is explained to class 1 Maths students with examples, illustrations, and a concept map given to summarize the idea. At the end of the page, two printable worksheets with solutions are attached for students to practice.


Tall and Short

To describe the objects based on their heights, we use the words tall and short.



In the given picture, the height of the giraffe is more, and the height of the deer is less. So, the giraffe is tall and the deer is short.

  • We do not use the word ‘Tall or Short’ to compare two or more heights.
  • To compare two or more heights, we use the words, taller, shorter, tallest, and shortest.


Taller and Shorter

To compare heights of two objects, use the word ‘Taller/Shorter’.


In the given picture, the grey building is taller than the blue building .The blue building is shorter than the grey building.Tallest-Shortest

To compare heights of three or more objects, we use the word ‘Tallest/Shortest’.



In the given picture, the grey ladder is the tallest among all the ladders. The black ladder is the shortest among all the ladders.




In the given picture, the puppy looks the tallest. But the lion is the tallest among all.

  • When comparing the heights of objects, they should be at the same level.


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