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Warli painting

Warli painting is especially famous in the tribal folk art of Maharashtra. Warli people draw squares on the mud walls of huts during festivals and create various designs. They used rice flour, water, and gum to draw these designs. The speciality of Warli painting is that human activities in village life are illustrated in this art form — for example- hunting, dancing, fishing, farming, harvesting, etc.

Warli painting is a simple and stylish art Warli painting in wall form. The regular geometrical shapes: circles, triangles, lines, and squares, are commonly used in these paintings. These shapes represent different natural elements, such as trees, mountains, houses, etc. and the whole painting is drawn in only one colour. But sometimes, the use of two different colours can be seen. These Warli painting designs follow some rhythmic patterns.

A unique technique to draw humans in Warli painting is first to draw an X, then join the edges of both ends. It will make the body of the human. Then draw a circle for the head. By using straight lines, draw the hands and legs of the human. Then colour the human body with the same colour. Then repeat this pattern to create a beautiful Warli painting design.

Using geometrical shapes, you can create your Warli painting design!!!

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