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What Emojis Mean

We use various emojis daily on social media platforms, messaging apps, and websites. These emojis are Ideograms. Ideogram is a virtual symbol that indicates any concept or Idea.

The word ‘EMOJI’ has the original meaning of Pictograph.

The word comes from the Japanese word ‘e + moji’ (絵 + 文字), which stands for –

Different Types of Emojis

Emoji are used to express emotions or any irony rather than typing it in text. There are more than hundreds of emojis. Emojis are available in various categories–

Facial expressions - 

Games - 

Foods - 

Vehicles - 

Common objects - 

Animals - 

Types of weather - 

Fact About Emojis

In 2015, Oxford Dictionaries declared the word of the year, which is not a word but an emoji. That word is a ‘face with tears of joy emoji.

So, by using emojis, we can communicate better and more effectively.

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