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Beauty and The Beast Story For Kids

beauty and beast

What is the story of Beauty and the Beast all about?

Long ago there lived a wealthy merchant and his three daughters. The father was travelling somewhere away from home one day and asked his daughters what they wanted when he got back. The first and second daughters both requested beautiful outfits and wealthy things. The last one humbly asked "Father, everything that I desire is a rose plucked from your hand,". On his return trip, the merchant had to pass through a deep forest. It was dark at night, and the merchant was looking for a spot to crash. He discovered a massive castle and stepped inside, only to find no one.

He eaten everything from a vast table full of delicious food. The merchant then went to his bedroom, where he slept soundly on a wonderful, fluffy bed. The merchant discovered no one in the castle the next day as well. He recalled his daughter Beauty's gift as he noticed a magnificent rose bush blooming on the lawn. He picked a crimson rose from the shrub.

Unexpectedly, an aggressive looking beast emerged from the undergrowth. "I offered you food and a bed to spend the night to sleep!" he exclaimed, covered in beautiful silks. "And now you're stealing my roses!" Fearful, the merchant told the Beast about Beauty's gift. Only if he agreed to accompany Beauty to this castle would the Beast let him go. The merchant nodded and ran back into his house. He was filled with emotion when he told his kids about the Beast. Beauty, on the other hand, loved her father and agreed to remain with the Beast.

The Beast rewarded Beauty with affection. He was never harsh to her. He let her stay in the largest room and enjoy the beautiful garden. While the Beast kept her company, Beauty would sit near the hearth and stitch. Beauty was first scared of the Beast, but she grew to like him with time.

The Beast proposed to Beauty once, but she declined. She was still afraid of his troubled expression. The Beast proceeded to treat her with tenderness and affection. Beauty longed for her father. "Look into the mirror, and you will see your family," the Beast said, passing her a magical mirror. You will no longer feel lonely.

Beauty realized in the mirror one day that her father was seriously ill and dying. " Could you please allow me to go home!" she pleaded and cried to the Beast. "All I wish to do is see my father before he passes away!" "No!" screamed the Beast. You stated, "You'd never leave this place!" Following this, he stormed out of the room. However, after some time, he approached Beauty and said, "You may visit your father for seven days. However, you have to promise your return after that." Beauty was thrilled and agreed. 

Beauty then left and went back to her father's place. Her father was overjoyed to see Beauty and recovered fast. Beauty remained with her family for at least seven days. She'd totally forgotten about the Beast and his castle. But one night, she had a horrific nightmare in which the Beast was seriously ill and on the point of death. "Beauty, do come back!" he exclaimed.

Beauty awoke and returned to the castle, having no intention of harming the Beast. "Kindly don't die, Beast!" she implored. "I'll be there with you for the rest of my life!" An unforeseen event changed the Beast into a beautiful prince. "I'd been under a curse for all these years and could only be freed when someone fell in love with me," he said. "Because you truly love me, I am now free of the curse." After that, Beauty and the Beast married and had a happy life together.

Beauty and the beast story summary

"The Beauty and the Beast'' is an appealing tale about the birth of love and how it may change the way you perceive those you care about. The moral of this fairytale is that a person's beauty stems from a loving heart, and once the beauty realizes the beast's inner beauty and the feelings it holds, the beast's external appearance no longer matters to her. This moral is presented by demonstrating how Beauty loved the beauty in the beast core traits and fell in love with him despite his outward appearance.

Frequently Asked Question of the Story Beauty and The Beast

1. What is the central theme of Beauty and the Beast?

    The central theme revolves around the transformative power of love and the importance of looking beyond outward appearances to discover true beauty within oneself and others.

2. Who are the main characters in Beauty and the Beast?

    The main characters are Belle, a kindhearted and intelligent young woman, and the Beast, a prince cursed to live as a monstrous creature. Other significant characters include Gaston, the arrogant suitor, and various enchanted household objects.

3. What is the significance of the rose in Beauty and the Beast?

    The rose symbolizes the Beast's humanity and the limited time he has to break the curse. Its petals falling represent the Beast's impending doom unless he learns to love and earn someone's love in return before the last petal falls.

4. What lessons can be learned from Beauty and the Beast?

    The story teaches valuable lessons about compassion, empathy, and the importance of inner beauty. It emphasizes the idea that true love transcends physical appearance and material wealth.

5..How does Beauty and the Beast compare to other fairy tales?

Beauty and the Beast shares similarities with other fairy tales, such as "Cinderella",
Sleeping Beauty , Snow White and "The Little Mermaid," in its focus on transformation, love, and redemption. However, it stands out for its emphasis on inner beauty and the idea of love breaking curses.

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