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I. How To Describe Your School Bag?

A school bag is used to carry books and other important things children need in school. It is one of the most essential items for children going to school. Start your description of the school bag by explaining how it looks. Mention all the important details related to the bag and the things carried inside it.

a. Mention the Outer Appearance of the School Bag

    The first thing that needs to be mentioned while describing the school bag is the look of the bag. Mention the look of the bag, which includes the size of the bag, the colour, the shape, etc.

b. What Are the Things in Your School Bag?

     There are a few things that almost every school-going child will carry in their school bag.

     Planner A planner is an important tool for any child. It helps the child to note down important points such as homework given by teachers, parent-teacher meetings, exam dates, etc. Mention if you also carry       a planner in your bag for example a personal planner or a school dairy.

      Books and copies Books and copies are a must for every child to carry in their school bag. They will need the books to read and learn the lessons and the copies to note down the answers and solve                  exercises. Write about carrying school books and copies in the school bag.

      Pencil box A pencil box will hold many things like a pen, a pencil, a ruler, an eraser, a sharpener, highlighters etc. Every one will need a pencil box to write down things in the copies. Mention about the                pencil box.

        Lunch box A lunch box holds the food that you eat during your lunch time. Everyone carries their lunch boxes in their school bags to school.

          Water bottle We have water bottles in our school bags to carry water for drinking purposes.

My School Bag Essay Sample

I have a school bag. It is black and grey in colour. My father gifted me this bag when I was in the first grade. My school bag is very useful as it helps me in keeping my important things safe such as textbooks, exercise books, lunch box, etc.

The size of my bag is quite big, but it has a lot of space to carry all my items. The inside of the bag is soft to the touch. I carry my textbooks, exercise books, a lunch box, a water bottle, and a pencil case inside it. My school bag has two pockets at the front and a small pocket on the side to carry my water bottle. It saves my books and other important items from rain.

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