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Measuring Length

By measurement of length, we get knowledge about the size of any object. Here students will learn about different units of measurement length. In this learning concept, the students will also learn to

  • Classify how to measure length.
  • Evaluate the units of measure length.
  • Identify the conversion of units of measurement.

Each concept is explained to class 4 maths students using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. Students can assess their learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the page’s end.

Download the measuring length worksheet for class 4 and check the solutions to the measurement of length questions for class 4 provided in PDF format.

How to Measure Length?

To know how long an object is, or how tall, or how far apart two objects are, we need to measure the length. We can tell lengths of something just by observation but to know the exact length we need to measure it.

measurement of length
  • To measure the length of something we use non-standard units of length. Such as handspan, footspan, finger width, etc.
  • The drawback of non-standard units is that these things change person to person or object to object.
     measurement of length
  • To measure the lengths more precisely, we use standard units.
  • Standard units are pre-defined and do not change person to person or object to object.
  • To measure length in standard unit, we use different tools such as ruler, measuring tapes, ropes, metre sticks, etc.
  • Lengths can be measured in different units. Some of the units are:
    • Kilometre (km)
    • Metre (m)
    • Centimetre (cm)
    • Millimetre (mm)

Units of Measure Length

  • One Kilometre is equal to 1000 Metres.
  • One Metre is equal to 100 Centimetres.
  • One Centimetre is equal to 10 Millimeters.
units of measure length

Conversion of Units of Measurement

  • To convert Kilometre to Metre, we multiply it by 1000. To convert Metre to Kilometre, we divide it by 1000.
  • To convert Metre to Centimetre, we multiply it by 100. To convert Centimetre to Metre, we divide it by 100.
  • To convert Centimetre to Millimetre, we multiply it by 10. To convert Millimetre to Centimetre, we divide it by 10.
conversion of units of measurement

Selection of Appropriate Measurement Units:

  • Length of very small things should be measured in millimeters (mm).
  • Lengths larger than 10 mm but smaller than a metre should be measured in centimeters.
  • Lengths larger than a metre should be measured in meters.
  • Very large distances should be measured in kilometers.
common mistake of measurement of length


did you know about the measurement of length


mind map of measurement of length
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