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Spatial Sense Locations

We use the word location to indicate the position or direction of an object.


The Lion is on the left side of the car, and the Elephant is on the right side of the car.

Following are some important positions:

  1. Inside – Outside
  2. Top – Bottom
  3. On – Under
  4. Above – Below

Inside – Outside

By observing an object's place, we can easily determine whether the object is inside or outside.

Example 1:
  • In the first picture, the puppy is sitting Inside the kennel.
  • In the second picture, the puppy is sitting Outside the kennel.
Example 2:
  • In the first picture, the fruits are inside the basket.
  • In the second picture, the fruits are kept outside the basket.


Top – Bottom

Top: Object at the highest part or point.

Bottom: Object at the lowest part or point.

  • Trophy is at the Top of the staircase.
  • Girl is at the Bottom of the staircase.


On – Under

On: When an object is at the top of something and touching the surface.
(At the top and in contact with the object)

Under: When the object is at bottom of something and fully covered.
(At the bottom and covered up by that object)

  • Boy is sitting On the table.
  • Cat is sitting Under the table.


Above – Below

Above: Object at the higher place from the second object and should not be in contact with that object.

Below: Object at the lower place from the second object and should not be in contact with that object.

  • Birds are Above the tree.
  • Bear is sleeping Below the tree.



No. We can see that there is a gap between the cat and the chair. So, the cat is not on the chair. Cat is sitting on the wooden block.


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