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Symmetry and Pattern

1) Dipa Was Drawing a Rangoli in Her Drawing Book. But She Has Left Some Blank Spaces. She Asked Manoj to Fill Up Those Blank Spaces. Look at the Design Carefully and Help Manoj to Complete the Rangoli.


Clearly, from the picture, the leaf shape was coming around the circle in a pattern that was absent somewhere in the picture. Similarly, the heart shape was also coming in a pattern around the circle which was missing some places in the picture.

Hence, the picture of the rangoli completed by Manoj is

2) The Teacher Made a Design on the Board and Asked Students to Come and Add Shapes to the Board to Complete the Pattern.

Sima, Dipa, and Jyoti Have Come to the Board one by one to Complete the Pattern. But One of Them Has Made a Mistake. The Below Picture Is the One That Sima, Dipa and Jyoti completed.

Find the Mistake and Correct It. Also, Draw the Correct Picture.

Dipa made a mistake by drawing triangles instead of squares in the pattern.

Hence, the correct pattern is

3) On This Diwali, Bheem’s Mother Drew a Rangoli in Their Courtyard. But She Couldn’t Complete It, and She Asked Bheem to Complete the Rangoli.

Help Bheem to Complete the Rangoli.

Bheem has completed the rangoli by following the pattern in both halves symmetrically.

4) The Teacher Asked the Students to Observe the Following Pattern and Complete It.

Here is the answer from the students

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