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The line of symmetry indicates a line by this line; a shape is divided into two equal parts. Also, both parts match precisely. Here students will learn about the vertical line of symmetry.
In this learning concept, the students will also learn to:

  • Classify line of symmetry examples and vertical lines of symmetry.
  • Define the no line of symmetry.
  • Identify how many lines of symmetry.

Each concept is explained to class 4 maths students using illustrations, examples, and mind maps. Students can assess their learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the page’s end.

Download the line of symmetry worksheet for class 4 and check the solutions to the line of symmetry questions for class 4 provided in PDF format.

What Is Symmetry?

Have you looked carefully at some beautiful objects around you? The beauty of some objects is because of their symmetry.

In mathematics, in a particular pattern in which we can draw a central dividing line on a the shape or object, and it gives two exactly same sides is called Symmetry and the shape or object is called symmetrical.

Look into the picture below.

The body of the butterfly is made in such a way that it can be divided identically into two parts. The body of the butterfly is called symmetrical shape.

The blue dotted line divides the body of the butterfly into two identical parts. Blue line is called the line of symmetry.

Now, did you understand the definition of the symmetrical shape and line of symmetry?

How Many Lines of Symmetry?

We have learned that the line of symmetry is the line that divides the object into two identical halves.

There are three types of lines of symmetry:

  • Horizontal line of symmetry
  • Vertical line of symmetry
  • Diagonal line of symmetry

Horizontal line of symmetry:
Is the line that runs across the image.

Vertical line of symmetry:
Is the line that runs down the image.

Diagonal line of symmetry
Is the line that runs across the diagonal corners of the image.



Number of Lines of Symmetry

Some of the objects may have one, two, three, or multiple lines of symmetry.

Let us see the examples of some objects.

1. One line of symmetry

2. Two lines of symmetry

3. Three lines of symmetry

4. Four lines of symmetry

5. Five lines of symmetry

6. Six lines of symmetry

7. Seven lines of symmetry

Did you know?

Taj Mahal is a symmetrical monument. That property makes it beautiful.

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