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Shapes 3-Dimensional Shapes for Class 1 Maths

This discussion is about the most common 3- dimensional shapes present in the surroundings. 3- d shapes are solid figures. This concept will help the learners to identify the 3-d shapes with their names.

In this learning concept, the student will learn about

  • what is a 3 -dimensional shape
  • 2 and 3-dimensional shapes
  • cone shape
  • cube shape
  • cuboid shape
  • cylinder

Each concept is explained to class 1 maths students with examples and illustrations, and a mind map is added at the end to summarize the idea. Two printable worksheets with solutions of 3-D shapes are attached at the end of the page for the students to practice. Download the worksheet to test your knowledge.

According to dimensions, there are two types of shapes:

1.Two-dimensional shapes (2-D shapes)

2.Three-dimensional shapes (3-D shapes)

We have learned about 2-D shapes. Now let’s learn about 3-D shapes.


What Is a 3-Dimensional Shape

  • 3-D means ‘Three-dimensional’.
  • 3-D shapes or Three-dimensional shapes are solid figure or objector shape that has three dimensions – length, width, height.
  • 3-D shapes have thickness.
  • 2-D shapes are flat when drawing it on paper.
  • 3-D shapes are fat not flat. 3-D shapes have thickness.
  • To classify 3-D shapes we look edges, corners, faces/sides of the shapes.

There are various3-D shapes. Let’s learn about it.



  • sphere is a perfectly round solid shape. It has no sides, no corners. It has one curved face that goes all around.




  • cube is a solid shape with 6 square faces and 8 corners.




  • cuboid is a solid shape with 6 rectangular faces and 8 corners.
  • Some pair of faces (not all) of a cuboid can be square.




A cone is a solid shape that has a circular bottom and it all goes around up to one point.




A cylinder is a solid shape with a circle on the top and a circle on the bottom. It has a smooth face all around.



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