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Time Duration for Class 1 Maths

The goal of this learning concept is to create the sense of time duration of the students. Also, they will get to know about new words related to them.

In this learning concept, they will learn to

  • Measure the size, speed of an object.
  • Define action of human movement.
  • Quantify travel distance.

Each concept is explained to class 1 maths students with examples, illustrations and a mind map. Two printable worksheets with solutions of time duration are attached at the end of the page for the students to practice. Download the worksheet to test your knowledge.

We do so many things or activities every day. Different activities take different time durations to be completed.

  • Some activities take a shorter time duration to complete.
  • Some activities take a longer time duration to complete.

Shorter time: Activity takes less time.

Longer time: Activity takes more time.

  • There are so many aspects on which time duration is dependent.
  • Time duration for some of the activities is dependent upon the Size and Speed factor.


In the picture given below, which activity takes a shorter time and which activity takes a longer time?

The glass will fill in lesser time than the bucket. So, activity A takes a shorter time. And activity B takes a longer time.

Glass is smaller than the bucket that’s why glass will fill faster than the bucket.

In these activities, time duration depends upon the size of the vessel.

    • Smaller vessels will take a shorter time to fill.
    • Bigger vessels will take a longer time to fill.

2.Speed of an Object

    • A metro train and a bus departed from the same station at the same time and will arrive at the same station. Which one will reach first?

      Metro is longer than the bus still it will reach first. So, here the size of the objects doesn’t matter.

      Metro is faster than the bus. So, it will take a shorter time to reach the destination.

      Bus has less speed than the metro. So, it will take a longer time to reach the destination.

      In these activities, time duration depends upon the speed of the objects.

      • The object which has more speed will take shorter time.
      • The object which has less speed will take longer time.

3.Travel Distance

  • Nisha and Chintu start walking at the same time. Who will reach first at the end?

    Chintu will reach first. So, he takes a shorter time.

    And Nisha will reach after Chintu. So, she takes a longer time.

    Here, distance between A and B is longer than the distance between C and D.

    In these activities, time duration depends upon Distance.

    • To complete a short distance, it takes a shorter time.
    • To complete a long distance, it takes a longer time.

4.Action of Human Movement

Climbing up will take more time. It is a slow action.

And sliding down on the smooth surface will take less time. It is fast action.

So, sliding down will take a shorter time.

And climbing up will take a longer time.

Fast actions take a shorter time.


One jug will fill in lesser time than the three jugs. So, activity A takes a longer time. And activity B takes a shorter time.

In these activities, time duration depends upon the quantity of the vessels.

  • The activity that has less quantity of objects will take a shorter time to complete.
  • The activity that has more quantity of objects will take a longer time to complete
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