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What Is Globe?

Two essential tools used to study the Earth are Globe and Map.

A globe is a miniature model of the earth which shows us its different features on a small scale.

The Globe map was inverted in 1492 AD.

A globe map shows us:

  • Shows the exact location
  • Shows shapes of different feature
  • It gives an idea of the relative size of the land areas and water bodies.

The large water bodies called oceans are shown in blue colour.

Earth Continents:

Large extensive masses of land on the earth are called continents.

Name the Seven Continents of the World:

Continent Area (km2) Population Density(p/km2)
1. Asia 31,033,131 150
2. Africa 29,648,481 45
3. Europe 22,134,900 34
4. North America 21,330,000 28
5. South America 17,461,112 25
6. Australia/Oceania 8,486,460 5
7. Antarctica 13,720,000 0

The Equator in Globe map:

The earth has two poles:

  • North pole
  • South pole

The imaginary line which divides the earth into two halves is called the Equator.

Different lines in the globe intersect each other, which helps to mark the position of any land Globe.

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