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  • Pictograph is the representation of the set of data using images or symbols.
  • Each image or the symbol should be of same shape and size.
  • Each image or the symbol of the pictograph represents the frequency of the object in the set of data.
  • key is mentioned in the pictograph which tell us what the image or the symbols represents.
  • The image below shows the pictograph that represents the data of the favorite fruits of 30 students.

Interpret the Pictographs

  • The title of the pictograph tells us what the data is about.
  • The key represents the data value of each symbol or the images.
  • The pictograph below shows the data of the number of apples sold in 5 days.

From the graph it can be observed that:

  • Maximum symbols of apples are on Friday. Therefore, maximum number of apples were sold on Friday.
  • Minimum symbols of apples are on Tuesday. Therefore, minimum number of apples were sold on Tuesday.
  • The key of the pictograph is: 1 symbol of apples = 2 apples sold.
  • Number of symbols on Monday are 6.
    Value of each symbol = 2 apples sold.
    Therefore, number of apples sold on Monday = 2 × 6 = 12 or it can be calculated by adding 2 six times, i.e.,
    2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 12
  • Number of apples sold on other days can be calculated in the similar way.

Advantage of Pictograph

  • It is easy to read and understand the data.
  • For drawing a pictograph much information is not required.
  • It requires only the information about the object and its frequency to construct a pictograph.

Steps to draw a Pictograph



Given below is the data of the favorite subjects of the group of students.

Subjects Number of Students
Maths 15
English 24
Hindi 6
Science 21

Draw a pictograph that represents the given information and answer the following question:

  1. Which subject is liked by the maximum number of students?
  2. Which subject is liked by least number of students?
  3. How many more students like science than Maths?


The pictograph is:

  1. The graph shows that the maximum number of students liked English.
  2. The graph shows that Hindi is liked by the least number of students.
  3. Number of students who liked Science = 21
    Number of students who liked Math = 15
    Subtract 15 from 21 to get the difference.
    21 – 15 = 6
    Therefore, 6 more students liked Science than Maths.
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