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Top 10 Benefits Of Early Swimming For Kids!

Top 10 Benefits Of Early Swimming For Kids!


Swimming is the best way to exercise and relax, especially after a tiring day of work. But is it the same for infants and toddlers? It totally is! Put your little one in an infant swimming pool and be in awe to see how well they stay put in it. It is believed that you can take your kid, as early as a 3-month old, for swimming lessons. Yep, you read that right! Babies are born with a natural kicking reflex which may last up to the age of 6 months. Therefore, it is better to introduce swimming to your child before that. But how does this help a child’s physical development?

Early swimming advantages for kids.

10 Developmental Advantages Connected to Early Swimming

 There are not one, not two but ten developmental advantages connected to early swimming. Let’s dive right in to know all of them, one splash at a time!

  1. A Life Skill – Swimming is one of the most important life skills that should be learnt by all of us, even your little ones at an early age. Research and its consequent data gathered by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that drowning is one of the most common causes of death among children aged between 1-4 years. Starting to swim at infancy or toddlerhood can teach them the invaluable skill of surviving and being safe in water. 
  2. Vitalize Vestibular System – Swimming is known to increase the efficiency of the vestibular system which is responsible for maintaining body balance and functioning other motor skills. Swimming involves splashing your arms and legs while keeping a balance between the two. This balance can also act as a foundation for your child when she learns to walk, decreasing the chances of bumping into things and learning to walk faster than otherwise!
Toddlers can be seen having fun in a water park
  1. Increases Confidence – One of the greatest benefits of early swimming for kids is gaining confidence. As mentioned earlier, the natural kicking reflex allows them to kick and splash in the water without the fear of getting hurt or losing balance. It helps enhance propulsion, develop better posture and overcome the fear of water called aquaphobia, boosting confidence in your little swimmers!
A little girl performing gymnastics on a water body without any fear
  1. Mental and Physical Coordination – Benefits of early swimming for kids, especially toddlers includes gaining control over your breath and moving the arms and legs accordingly. This exercise improves coordination between the mind and body, thus increasing your child’s focus. 
  2. Cardiovascular Exercise – It’s a well-known fact that swimming makes the lungs and heart stronger and keeps your cardiovascular development in check. Your little cutie in an infant swimming pool can gather this strength for a long and healthy life by swimming their heart out! 
  3. Perfect Appetite and Sleep Cycle – With all the splashing in the water, your child is most likely to feel tired and hungry. It’s best to keep a bottle of milk or some nutrient-rich food ready for your infant or toddler after they come out of the pool. When they get into the habit of swimming, you will notice a change (a positive one) in their sleep cycle and appetite which will have long-term impacts on their lifestyle. 
  4. Social in Pool Before on the Media – Another great benefit of early swimming for kids is acquiring social skills! Watching other kids swim and have fun will make your child want to participate more in pool activities, making him socially sound before he takes on social media! It is also a great way for parents to interact with other parents having same-aged children, to create a parents circle of their own and share experiences!
Top 10 benefits of swimming
  1. The Bond of Life – After delivery, among all the feeding and nappy changing, parents often find it hard to bond with their children even when they are holding their little one 24/7. Swimming with your infant or toddler is going to provide you the opportunity to bond with your child once again as your child will be able to listen to your heartbeat and feel your breath close to their skin as you hold them in your arms. This may also give you much-needed relaxation and strengthen the bond with your kid!
  2. Deal with Stress – Toddlerhood is a time when kids start getting cranky often and may become aggressive. To combat this behavior and prevent it from becoming a habit, swimming can be your kid’s (and yours!) go-to stress reliever. It is believed that swimming relaxes the muscles and calms the body. When the body is at peace, the feel-good hormones called endorphins get activated, helping in decreased levels of anxiety and stress. 
  1.  Cognitive development – Parents and teachers are always searching for activities promoting cognitive development. Guess what, the answer is right in the pool! Swimming helps promote as well as enhancing cognition levels among children, boosting higher levels of reading skills and critical thinking. 


Can babies swim? Of course, they can! Kids are born swimmers, right from the time they are in their mother’s womb. All we need to do is give them a larger space than that and watch them float, grow, develop and have fun! Take away the benefits of early swimming for kids from here and get hold of an infant swimming pool for your little champ at the earliest! Till then, happy swimming!

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