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Math-Magic Solutions for Class-4, Chapter-10: Play with Patterns

Play with Patterns deals with patterns in multiplication by 9 and 10, patterns using symmetry. This chapter have exercises on identifying and completing patterns in numbers, in geometrical shapes. The solutions for Math-Magic Chapter-10 have been created and verified by our experienced subject matter experts, according to the CBSE syllabus and guidelines of NCERT. For practice, our subject matter experts have created very interactive, activity-based, and Image-based worksheets on these topics to enhance learning.

Download the NCERT Solutions for Play with Patterns in PDF

Play with Patterns

Question 1 :

Now write your own number patterns.

Answer :

Answers may vary from student to student. Write any number pattern of your choice. Following is a sample answer:

Question 2 :

If we change the rule and write 1 in place of 'B', 3 in place of 'D' and so on, then how will we write 'Let Us Dance'?

Answer :

The corresponding numbers for the letters used in the word ‘Let Us Dance’ are:
L-11, E-4, T-19, U-20, S-18, D-3, A-26, N-13, C-2.
Therefore, ‘Let Us Dance’ can be written as:

Question 3 :

Make a pattern without numbers.

Answer :

Answers may vary from student to student. A sample answer is:

Question 4 :

Now, Anisha is playing with this card. Draw what it will look like when upside down.

Answer :

The drawing of the card when moved upside down is shown below:

Question 5 :

Now you try writing the letters — A, B, C in the box so that no letter comes twice in any line.

Answer :

Write the letters A, B, and C in the given box in such a way that no letter comes more than once in any line. Answers may vary.

Question 6 :

Now you fill these stars. Use numbers 1 – 9 and the rule that the numbers on each line add up to 15.

Answer :

Write any number between 1 – 9 in the stars in such a way that the sum of the numbers on each line is equal to 15.
Answers may vary.

Question 7 :

Now use numbers 1 – 6 to make your own magic triangle. Rule: Numbers on each side must add up to 10.

Answer :

 Write any number between 1 to 6 in the given squares in such a way that the sum of the numbers on each side of the triangle is equal to 10.

Question 8 :

a) Now, you cover this floor with this tile.

Answer :

The correct answer is:

Question 9 :

 Using the same rule, complete these number towers.

Answer :

Fill up the numbers in the empty boxes in such a way that each number is the sum of two numbers just below it. The correct answer is:

Question 10 :

Can you see how Tinu has made different patterns using the same block? Now you too make 3 different patterns using

Answer :

Use  to draw three different patterns of your choice. Answers may vary from student to student. A sample answer is: